Find Friends & Loved Ones Instantly!
No Phone, WiFi, Cell Network or Monthly Fees

LynQ Creates a Private & Secure Network to Locate Your People

The World’s Most Advanced ‘People Compass’

Perfect for finding people anywhere — even when cell phones fail. LynQ provides the distance and direction of your people in crowds, remote areas, festivals or anywhere under the sky.

Key Features:

  • No Phone, No Cell Service, No Wifi or Monthly Fees
  • Military-Tested Security and Privacy
  • Works Globally
  • Range up to 3 Miles
  • Connect up to 12 People in One Group
  • Battery Life up to 3 Days
  • Waterproof, Shockproof, Kidproof
Keep Track of Kids
Music Festivals
Camping & Hiking
First Responders & Military

LynQ Will Find Your Friends & Get You Home

Regular GPS trackers rely on your phone and cellular network to simply show a dot on a map. Not useful on the go (or in the wild).

LynQ connects ALL group members in real time. Allowing everyone to locate you companions instantly or know the distance & direction of your home base.

NO Phone, NO Cell Service, NO Wifi, NO Monthly Fees. LynQ creates YOUR OWN network between group members.

LynQ is a brand new type of product that fills the holes left by phones and other GPS devices, enabling you to adventure, live, explore and parent with confidence and simplicity.

100% Private Connection

Military Tested & Mom Approved.

With the push of a button, LynQ creates a private peer-to-peer network for up to 12 group members. LynQ never stores or transmits your data to any central server or cloud. Your location is only available to members of your private group.

Family Friendly Feature:
Set a Home Base or Group Zone Boundary

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Parent at Telluride

“We would definitely use this at out ranch. We would also use it definitely at an amusement park. I dont’ care how much it costs, I would put it on my child.”

Ski Instructor at Telluride

“It was user friendly, the kids loved it, and it gives me more oppotunities with treeskiing and adventuring around.”

Festival-Goer at Coachella

“I always come with a group of people and this device would make it easier to find one another at Coachella.”

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