Lynq's core technology is an intelligent comms network that excels in comms denied / contested environments:

  • RF quiet (LPI / LPD)
  • Long range and jamming resistant
  • AES 256 bit encrypted peer to peer & mesh
  • Adaptive power algorithm
  • Self forming / self healing (rapidly deployable)
  • No existing infrastructure required
The Lynq PRO is a grab and go solution for clandestine messaging and battlefield tracking”
-TSgt Air Force Special Warfare Special Program Office

Lynq PRO is an ATAK compatible next gen blue force tracker for enhanced situational awareness that utilizes the Lynq peer to peer network -- capable of secure vector based location of squad members, clandestine messaging, and man down detection.

Lynq PRO works with or without an EUD. If you have one, you can use apps like ATAK anywhere.

Lynq PRO

  • Simple quick set up in seconds: "grab and go"

  • ATAK compatible - team leaders can establish common operating picture on your EUDs / smartphones topographical map

  • Light weight and low cost

  • Man down detection

  • Send Short Form Messages: e.g “Medivac, Exfil, Abort, RGR”

  • Set checkpoints / RV along your route

OV-1 / BLUF: Total Situational Awareness and No Personnel Left Behind In the Field
“This technology has wide ranging applications for training and missions. The devices provide a SOF team quick understanding of team members location/bearing… [and] an ability to locate downed personnel who may not be able to be able to communicate.” -Ret Captain, Science & Technology Lead AFSOC/A5KB
“The LPI/LPD functionality enables small units and even individuals to infiltrate a near peer environment without detection. -S&T, Naval Special Warfare
“There is a very low learning curve to operate and is applicable to the speed of battle” -Program Manager, USASOC C5ISR
Lynq drives mission impact across the entire defense enterprise
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Lynq PRO

Personnel Reconnaissance Operations


Clandestine Messaging (EXFIL, RGR, MEDIVAC)
Battlefield Tracking
Set RV / Check points
Safe Zone
Grab and go pairing

Lynq PRO X

Personnel Reconnaissance Operations


All Lynq PRO features including ATAK functionality
Send messages from ATAK EUD
Set check points / RV from ATAK EUD
Establish common operating picture on ATAK EUD
Set Safe Zone from ATAK EUD

Lynq PRO Deployment Kit

A ruggedized network management kit for teams operating Lynq PRO devices


Simple device naming, pairing, and checkout
Supports 12 devices
Quick drop-in charging
Touch screen display interface
Additional USB ports

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