Industry professionals and engineers can leverage LYNQ's Platform by embedding our network stack into your existing products and equipment.
Rapidly deploy real time capabilities and securely transmit any type of data peer to peer without infrastructure
Accelerate your company’s progress towards an autonomous future by adding a real time data link between your AV nodes that requires zero infrastructure setup. Lynq connected AV benefit from peer to peer capabilities that enable command and control transmissions, sense and avoid, and long range tracking even in the absence of networks. Rapidly deploy AV on your remote site, reducing set up costs and time to get the job done.
Make your comms grab and go. Send clandestine messages and enable real time battle tracking in comms denied or RF contested environments. And for Specialty Wearables / Body worn sensors Transmit location data, monitor status, send short form messages, improve safety + reliability, and assist in the event of emergency with man down detection alerts. Add real time capabilities for your personnel that interoperate with local area networks and enhance your cloud analytics. Or for heads up display and goggles, visualize team members locations and monitor their status in real time over Lynq’s secure long range network, without referencing an EUD, reducing IR signature and improving situational awareness.
The toughest jobs demand the greatest reliability and Lynq’s technology ensures your comms networks work when nothing else will. Improve safety amongst personnel and heavy equipment by providing peer to peer messaging services and real time tracking capabilities. And when your work force is safe, optimize productivity by reducing time spent locating assets. Personnel can also pull equipment diagnostic on the go preventing over-utilization and reducing time to redeployment — raising overall job site capacity.
Enable personnel and equipment with real time data transmission capabilities that can also be used as a link back to an edge router note to improve cloud analytics. Personnel can send messages intrateam and pull diagnostics from equipment to enhance productivity and prevent over-utilization. Monitor the status of your workforce and in the event of emergency, know that distress signals will be reliably delivered, improving work place safety.

The Lynq PRO can be the foundation of your ecosystem of products, connected by Lynq’s integrated module and software


two-way radios

specialty wearables



autonomous systems/robotics








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