Lynq communication platform is a low power network stack protocol that allows devices to communicate with one another securely and point-to-point. The unique architecture allows devices to quickly form sessions without the need for existing infrastructure.



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fully Decentralized

Independent of existing infrastructure and networks


highly flexible

Customized to system variables (#nodes, topography, bandwidth, power, data, type, etc.)


Long-distance range

5 miles on ground and at sea, 20 miles in air


high security

Low probability of detection or interception


low power

Requiring only 1 watt, adaptive to more or less


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Lynq embedded module
The LNQNSM01 LoRa module provides a turnkey solution for leveraging the Lynq Network Stack. It allows for the commissioning of networks using a simplified serial peripheral command interface. The FCC/IC certified design allows for rapid product development and fast time to market.
UART command interface. Limited modular certification for FCC (USA) and IC (Canada) operation
Castellated pads for easy design and debugging
Compact Form Factor - 22 x 22 x 2.5 mm
On-board bootloader for easy device firmware upgrades
RoHS Compliant 1 Watt maximum transmit power
FCC Certified
IC Certified
Request developer kit
Our SDK allows you to quickly build fully featured network applications with the LNQNSM01.

The SDK provides developers with a set of convenient APIs, board support packages and examples to get you up and running quickly with the Lynq network stack. The SDK provides libraries for both embedded C++ and Python, each of which can be rapidly developed using our corresponding evaluation boards.