Start Up
Setting Up Your LynQ for the First Time
Perfect for finding people anywhere — even when cell phones fail. LynQ provides the distance and direction of your people in crowds, remote areas, festivals or anywhere under the sky.
Connecting to GPS
Each LynQ must acquire a GPS signal to know its location and to relay that location to members of it’s group. This video will show you how to ensure your GPS signal is properly connected.
How To Name Your LynQs
Each LynQ can be Named so other members of your group can identify you.

This video shows you how you can input your Name by tilting your LynQ from left to right and entering letters with our one-button interface (remember, if you misenter a letter you can use the ‘back’ arrow before the letter A).
How To Pair Your LynQs in a Group
LynQs can be paired together in groups of 2 to 12 members.

This video walks you through how to pair the LynQs in your group. Remember: all LynQs in your group must be next to one another and go through the steps together to be included in the group.
How To Set a Group Zone
Your LynQ allows you to set a Group Zone.

This alerts you if anyone in your group strays outside the boundary distance that you choose. It’s great for kids and pets that you wish to keep nearby.
How To Set A Home Base
LynQ allows you to set a Home Base that you can easily find and return to using your LynQ units. Just set a point of interest and anywhere in the world, an arrow and distance will guide you back to that point. Whether it is your car, tent, trailhead or just a meetup point for your friends.
Changing Your Time Zone
LynQs can be set to PST, MST, CST, EST or UST. It’s important to note that in addition to supplying time, this feature controls the backlight to your screen.
How to Factory Reset
Each LynQ has a factory reset feature which allows you to zero your device to the ‘out of the box’ settings. This also removes data for name and connection to your group as well as reestablishes connection to GPS satellites.
Using the Compass
Your LynQ contains a digital version of a traditional compass. This auto-calibrates and will always point north.
Locking Your LynQ
Locking your LynQ allows you to enter a 3 digit pin code that limits access to the menus. It’s great for children or scenarios where you do not want device settings changed.
Placing LynQ in Standby Mode
Standby mode means that the devices is turned off and is indicated with the display of “standby mode” on the memory LCD screen. In “standby mode” all functionalities of the device are off. There are no active transmissions from the device and all the peripherals are in power off mode in the device.
How To Change the Unit of Measure
ynQ has the ability to display distance in feet and miles as well as meters and kilometers. You can change these units of measure to suit your preference.

Members of a group may view distance in different units of measure if they wish to.