Magnifier Lens

Magnifier Lens

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This screen magnifier can magnify the LynQ screen which will relieve discomfort and visual fatigue by reducing the strain on your eyes

Real-time distance and direction – Display shows the real-time distance and direction of every group member at all times.

Groups – Creates a closed private network for groups of up to 12 people.  

Long-range and long-lasting – Range of up to three miles and up to three days in mixed use.

Boundaries and Notifications – Alert system lights up, vibrates and rings the instant a group member or child leaves a user-designated safe zone. 

“Homebase” – “Homebase” locations can easily be set to return to static locations, such as a car, campsite, bike station or landmark.

Technology – LynQ’s proprietary technology redefines the capabilities of peer-to-peer location sharing.

Durability – The government-tested device is designed to withstand any climate or situation with its weatherproof and waterproof durability.

Multi-wear – Includes rugged carabiner clip that can snap onto clothing or gear and can be easily slipped into a pocket, pack or pouch.

Off-Grid Personnel Locator device with Internal Antenna

Data Transmit frequency: 902-928 MHz with proprietary Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping technology (jamming immune and RF silent)

Output: ~1watt / 30dBm

Ground Maximum Range: Up to 3 miles **

Theoretical Maximum Air Range: Up to 10 miles

Typical Accuracy of GPS Positional Fix: 3m-7m **

Accuracy of Directional Indicator: +/- 5°

User Input: Single Button Input

User Interface: Sunlight-Readable Tactical Monochrome display

Internal rechargeable 1600 mAh LiPo battery

Battery life: Up to 3 days in mixed use (24 hrs continuous)

Dimensions: 4” x 2” x 1” in hourglass form factor, with carabiner

Weight: 2.5oz. (73g)

Type/Model: lynQ™ SMART COMPASS

FCC-ID: 2ARHMLYNQ01 and IC ID: 24896 LYNQ-01


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